Today was meant to be a last lunge, a final practice trot up in the arena and a practice loading in the trailer. Oh well, we got the practice loading done… We turned Solo out this morning and he promptly lost his brand new aluminum shoe, put on yesterday, especially for the RWF. So….he had to stay in for the rest of the day to protect his foot and we have a call into the farrier. I haven’t heard from the farrier yet but we are going to go ahead tomorrow and take him, there is bound to be a farrier at the show.

He finally had the fluffies taken out his ears. He was very good about it to begin with, then he decided to play giraffes. In the end we twitched him and got the job done quietly and quickly. Just the last minute washing of his tail tomorrow morning and then we load up and off we go. This will be the first time he has gone on a journey alone in the trailer. All in all, a big day tomorrow.