Solo qualified on his third Intermediate horse trial.  Not bad I suppose, but I am still a big niggled that he stopped at Grandview because he just HAD to spook. Grrrr.  He ran at Headwaters and came sixth in the OI there.  This coming weekend he runs at his first CIC** at Will O Wind.  Very exciting!  Song of Songs will be doing the one star and I hope Dudley Do Right is running in the Prelim.  I am teaching on Saturday and will miss the dressage and the show jumping but I might try to drive up on the Sunday to watch the cross country.

Colombo and Selena went to Training Camp today at Dreamcrest where David O is coaching the shortlisted WEG horses.  Selena is staying overnight with a second lesson in the morning.  I had to take Colombo to Virginia again to be shod by the team farrier last week.  I can see you all throwing your hands up with gasps of ‘Not again!’  Yes, “again”.  I have the drive down pat and can make it smoothly in nine hours door to door.   Colombo seems to take nothing out of himself as he racks up the frequent traveler points. Our rigid travel preparations with electrolyte paste and frequent stops to check water and hay, seem to do the trick.  He doesn’t exactly smile at you when  you pop your head in the top of the ramp to ask him how he is doing, but he doesn’t physically snarl either, so we take that as ‘happy Colombo’ in transit.

Our big news of the week is that we have found our new home.  We are moving much closer to Kingston at the beginning of November.  We are excited to be taking over Balsam Hall at the end of Gore Rd, only minutes from the 401.  We are going to miss Hawkridge but it will be nice to be forty minutes closer to everything and we are really excited about the new facility.  We have lots of plans and forsee lots of work, nothing new for horse folk!

We have a whole slew of young horses this year.  Lots of five year olds and a couple of four year olds.  They are a pleasant happy bunch and I am looking forward to getting them to the stage of going to some little shows before the end of the season.