The horses are in their stalls.  Phew!  We started shipping horses on Sunday and we finished today.  There were so many logistics, not least of which was the laying of the rubber mats which was a huge task.  My those mats weigh a lot!  But today our genius helpers Pamela and Ron finished the stalls, the beds went in, and the last eight horses were shipped to their new home.

However….the hay still has to be moved, and it has to be moved tomorrow!  The truck and trailer has to leave for the Royal Winter Fair later tomorrow for Friday and Saturday’s Eventing Night.  It’s the last big huzzah of the year.  EVERYBODY you know is going to be there and it’s going to be a blast. I love the RWF and look forward to it, it makes November worthwhile.  Selena is taking Watson’s Peanuts.  There’s not many of our horses that can handle the crowds, the loud music and all the cheering and yelling.  Peanuts will be going into the ring for Eventing Night for his third year.  Ena, Solo and Colombo will go back into work around the middle of November after their well deserved holiday.  Song of Songs has not wanted a break, she is going from strength to strength in her work and is jumping brilliantly.  I don’t believe in stopping for a holiday when a horse is in full ‘learning mode’ and enjoying it’s work so much.  She is fully mature now at six and a half and is finding the work easier and easier.  Horses are soooo exciting when they make big breakthroughs.

The new stalls are open sided, letting the horses have their heads out all the time.  All the horses are thoroughly enjoying their ability to watch everything that goes on at both ends of the aisle-ways.  They can all see their neighbors but are unable to reach over and annoy each other.  The only drawback seems to be those who take a huge mouthful of hay and messily munch on it with their heads out in the newly swept aisle…..sigh.   The design seems to be working as hoped, everyone has settled in quicker than expected and they all seem very content.  I am still setting up my feed bins and stall hardware.  Ordering screw eyes and snaps by the hundred is novel, I hope I never have to do ‘novel’ again. 

The tack room is nearly finished.  We have fifty saddle racks in there.  The trouble with having lots of eventers in your barn is that they all have at least two saddles and most of them have a couple of bridles too.  I learned from experience that ‘eventer’ tack rooms need way more fittings than the regular tack room.  I am going to be the tack room Nazi.  Keeping the tack room clean and tidy is going to be my mission in life.  I am so excited with the fabulous paint and hardware job that Maureen and her family have done, the tack room is my pride and joy.

One room left to strip, power wash and paint.  Right now it is a tool room but it’s new lease on life will be as my feed room.  I am enjoying the setup process although it’s hard to find anything like enough hours in the day.  All the horses still need looking after and they still need riding and exercising and the tack needs cleaning and the aisle needs sweeping….it’s hard to find enough time to finish painting and unpack.  Oh well, first things first…Evening Night at the Royal!