Phew… what a lot of walking! Not only do I get the pleasure of walking the course, A LOT. But the walking to and fro is something else here at WEG’s. We started the day by cheering on Rebecca. She looked wonderful in the warm up. Rupert was such a good boy to keep it together in the ring after being frightened by the giant tv screen on his way around.  Then we watched Steph show’em how it’s done.  What a good boy Ollie is.  SO obedient!

Kyle does such a good job dealing with Parker when he has a bad day.  That horse has it in him to do a brilliant test… today just wasn’t his day.  If Colombo got excited in that ring I cannot imagine what Parker thought.  Luckily this isn’t going to be a dressage show. It’s hard to remember that with the Germans so far ahead. But it’s true… Cross country is going to be a huge factor.  I walked the course with Jessica P and Mum on Wednesday, David yesterday and Bruce today. I walked it alone this afternoon and I will again tomorrow morning.  It looking very do-able:)

I go at 10:42 tomorrow morning. I am nervous… as I should be and always am. I think when you stop being nervous you shouldn’t be playing this game.  I mean to attack this course and be a good trail blazer for the team! I am off to bed now…I expect I will have lot’s to tell you tomorrow…for now I need my sleep.