Ooh, la, la!! World Equestrian Games! La creme de la creme. I have been lifting my jaw off the ground since I arrived Sept 24th. I am rubbing shoulders with the best of the best, some of which I have yet to meet… Pippa Funnel and Jenny Lorriston Clark are high on my priority list for stalking. Can’t wait for the chance to say hello!

I have seen world class reining in a brand new arena at the horse park. Looks really fun and the riders are so quick to pat and reward their horses at the end of their test. I LOVE THAT!

I cheered on a few endurance riders as they crossed over the road on the way to my hotel.  Speaking of which, we (Canada) are staying at the Griffin Gate Hotel. Not only is it the closest hotel to the site, it’s beautiful with a hot tub, pool, spa the works. I can’t thank the Canadian organizers enough for choosing this wonderful hotel as our base. 

I have watched some amazing dressage the past few days. Totilas for the Netherlands was breathtaking, he is truly a freak of nature.  I am so lucky to be here and see him perform live. Needless to say I am enjoying all that the WEG’s has to offer.

Today was out team jog. Our outfits were definitely something to be proud of thanks to Hawley Bennet.  Our horses were something to be proud of because of our wonderful grooms tireless dedication, led by our fantastic stable manager Debbie Furness. Never mind how they passed with flying colours due to the hard work of our Team vet Dr. Ober, team farrier Randy Polak.  I wouldn’t even have known what time we were jogging or have had a ride to the barn if it wasn’t for the tremendous efforts and patience of our Chef D’Equipe Graem Tom.  It was a pleasure to finish up my jog and see David O’Connor’s smiling face of approval at the end of the jog lane. A huge thanks to all for making it happen.

Now onto business… hmmm dressage. Always makes me nervous. I am first to go for our team. I want to give it my all. This is the best dressage horse I have had the chance to compete, I feel I owe it to him to do my best. He isn’t getting any younger…he can’t wait for me to learn dressage forever:)  Also I would like to perform to expectations of my team… that includes EVERYONE who has helped or followed Colombo’s career.

I am thoroughly enjoying the company of my teammates and support staff. We have had some fantastic dinners together.  They sure do have a great sense of humor.  I love to laugh as many of you know. Kyle Carter in particular is a very funny guy. I had a great time in Hong Kong with him and Mike Winter making me laugh the entire time.  As David says, you have to enjoy the journey… the whole thing… and take it all in.  My team makes that really easy.

Tonight we had the Red and White reception at the team hotel. Again, I would like to thank the organizers. Not only was it well run with a bar and fabulous nibblies… but the speeches were hillarious and interesting all at the same time.  Great company… old friends and new. As well as supporters, owners and family. And if you know me well… the best part was all I had to do was take an elevator to bed!  Which is where I am now. I have some serious visualizing of brilliant dressage to do so I am off to bed. Can’t wait for tomorrow…so I can tell you all about my best test ever!