Selena, Morag and Woody

Selena and Morag smiling with Woody.

Sorry I didn’t write sooner. Was a late night last night and today I took my dear friend Christine “Pitty” around to local farms here in Canada as a thank you for all her help at Bromont.

The boys look happy out on grass today even if it is still raining!

The jog was smooth with all of the horses. Rain even held off long enough.

I was very glad to ride Solo first when it came to show jumping day. The bogie fence was the skinny (fence #5C) white rail on tip with rock wall as back ground. I don’t think all horses could see it correctly. I feel Solo just misread it.

Woody was trying his guts out over fences, but we became a little unraveled by the end. I think he have it his all after such a tough cross country course footing and all!

Foxwood High. Photo by Katie Wallis

Foxwood High. Photo by Katie Wallis

Rocky was so close to a clear round. He has 11B down in a one stride. I think we came in with a little too much impulsion after a long day of cross country the day before. It wasn’t for lack of scope. 😉 I was very pleased with all of them. Lucky me I got ribbons on all three (2nd Foxwood High, Bellaney Rock 4th, A First Romance 12th) and they came home safe and sound.

A Fine Romance.

A First Romance. Photo by Victoria Boyd

We are qualified for Rolex. I intend to compete at Fairhill for experience. We are all green at this level. Hope to have them at Rolex 2014….and who knows what else. 😉