Well, we’re back from a whirlwind of a winter season and Rolex. Anne Marie had been home at Balsam Hall since The Fork before returning to Rolex, but I have not been home since January 14th.

This year has been tons of fun so far. We stayed at Sweet Dixie South in Reddick, Florida. It’s an excellent training facility for eventers/jumpers/dressage horses with cross country fences including ditches, banks and a two tier water jump, show jumps, dressage rings, and even a hill! The horses enjoyed beautiful shaded turn out with auto waterers. We enjoyed all the amenities.

The lead up to Rolex was good. “You win some, you learn some,” I think is my new favorite saying.

Having the Rumbles (John and Judy) support me and there cheering at every show has made it really special!

My sponsors made Rolex awesome with excellent turn out for signings, photos and getting a chance to catch up. Shout out to Christi and Daniel for getting engaged at the head of the lake on Saturday. #jojosox

I was working toward a better dressage test and missed behind on 2/4 flying changes, which was disappointing. Having said that, Woody was very well behaved and really allowed me to attack the test.
I couldn’t have asked for more from him on cross country day. The air was heavy, the course was tough and the footing was pretty perfect when I went. There were some serious straightness questions towards the end of the course that he answered beautifully. Amazing cross country machine the “Woody Woodster!!”

Show jumping was good. I tried hard not to have time faults, I knew the #8 fence was a likely one to come down. I was more disappointed in my last-fence-itis. I should have landed off the triple and organized the stride then maybe even put a mild bend in the line to give him room to fit the eight strides more easily, which we did execute well from the triple bar oxer, seven strides to the one stride of white gates #10a, b.

Now, if I could just do that for all 13 fences and two seconds faster we are capable of a double clear. So, this leads to what are your plans going forward…?

Dressage shows and show jumping lessons with the Millars and some shows. Looking forward to competing at the Nations Cup or perhaps Richland Park July/August.

I really wanted to place top five at Rolex, I should have placed top 10. So, lots of home work, enjoy the process????. Thank you to Arthur Tateishi and Eventing Canada for all their help and support.

Just got bucked off my OTTB (day two since being on home turf) Benny. A very low flying jet flew over the massive outdoor ring we have and I was on the phone to a client. I grabbed for the reins when I felt him respond to how incredibly loud the noise was, but was too late. Phone went flying, horse hit his girth and started broncking and I was airborne…til I wasn’t ???? Wet hard packed sand arena turns out is not a soft landing from a great height.

Whoever came up with “horses are humbling” is a genius.

Rolex this year was so good for the sport and its sponsors. Safe tricky courses, fairly judged dressage and pretty good weather/footing. Busy trade fair and a great opportunity to see friends and fans.
Better then all that the Canadians did well with a third place in the Dubarry team challenge. As well as four Canadians in the top 20. ????❤???? Looking good Canada!