Well I don’t think it’s in the foot. Solo is still not 100% right in his left hind although he is a lot better than he was. I only see it the odd step when I ask him to move over sideways in the stall, or I am turning him around outside. It seems to be somewhere high up, stifle or above.

We are treating it as a strain since there is no evidence of anything else. I think he might have slipped in the wet muddy grass in the paddock. I don’t think it’s a big deal but I don’t want to work him if he hurts. Firstly because I don’t really know what it is, and second because he has only just started to really enjoy his work and the last thing I need right now is for him to associate work and discomfort.

The two horses that did the CCI** in Virginia are on holiday until the end of November. All and all, with Solo and the two big boys off work, it’s quite easy to get through the riding day at the moment. Last week Selena and I both visited the Royal Winter Fair on three nights. It was a lot of fun, we usually only go once. I really enjoy the Royal.

Tomorrow I am driving the people trailer down to Florida. I want to get it down there before the bad weather makes the driving hazardous. This is the first of several drives to Ocala and back. I am leaving at crack of egg in the morning, lots of book tapes and two Jack Russells to keep me company. I expect to get back in about a week. I hope Solo is feeling better by then and I can start back to riding him. He is presently going out at night because I want him to keep moving around as much as possible. He and Waldo have a nice shelter with deep straw but it is pouring tonight as I write this and I wish he was in his cozy stall underneath my apartment. Sometimes doing what is best for the horse doesn’t make me happy.