This is Selena’s dressage on Song of Songs, her one star horse from Will O Wind last weekend.

All in all, the weekend was a great success. Song of Songs was third in her first one star. She had one rail in stadium and not another jump or time penalty. As she is only six, and we have only run her enough to qualify her, we are really impressed with her smooth performance. Although she ought still to be a bit green at this level, she is confident and looks completely untroubled by the step up to FEI. Her Prelim runs have been smooth and faultless so Selena only did the bare qualifiers with her. Obviously it was enough.

Solo was third in his first two star. His run up has not been smooth with the spooking at the Grandview water. However, I think we can say that he has redeemed himself. Certainly in my eyes, he is fully redeemed with his third place finish in Will O Wind’s CIC**. If he could have managed the entire dressage test with the same fluid motion he goes cross country…… This time in his dressage he discussed all the movements in left canter fully and with vigour. He then cruised the right canter (normally his big talking point) and finished the test as though butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Solo’s next outing is going to be Richland Park, Song of Songs will go to Millbrook in addition to Richland, as she is for sale and we want her ‘seen at all the best places’ LOL Solo is being allowed to rest a little on his laurels. There are not that many intermediate events around without traveling long distances and incurring long distance costs. As he is now well qualified for Richland, Selena will probably try to find an OI, or an OP for him to run in August. Solo and Song of Songs both had two days off after the three day, around mid way through the second day’s rest, they were each showing distinct signs of boredom and back to work they went. They didn’t drop a pound at the three day, Song of Songs looks great and Solo is a bit chubby!

In mid July, Colombo went to training camp with David and he was a superstar. There is talk of another ‘in Canada’ training session before everybody goes to Richland Park. The training camp was held at Dreamcrest Farm where Kelly and Ian made all welcome as usual. David told Selena he would like to see Colombo do Badminton next year. If it were a possibility it would mean a LOT of fund raising, the cost of going to Europe to compete is staggering. Probably at least $35 – 40,000 to cover the full bill. It has to be SO much easier when your ‘equipment’ is a raquet or a golf club and doesn’t weigh three quarters of a ton with occasional attitude!

This weekend is the rain date for Touch A Rainbow at Terelisa Farm. The proceeds from this event go to Riding for the Disabled and we love to be able to support them. We have a full van going, Watson’s Cebastian, Watson’s Bruin and Watson’s Whistler are all looking forward to an outing, as is Elizabeth Hay’s ‘Derby’ who is making his competition debut with Selena on board. Oakhurst and Canterdown come in rapid succession. It will be nice to go to an event that doesn’t entail a five hour minimum in the truck and trailer.

The names for the WEG are not going to be announced until after the American Eventing Championships on Sept 13th, USA are also waiting till then. This decision makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels, not least because it is a compulsory outing for both countries. However…..I had it pointed out to me that for the riders who are scrambling to do some fund raising, the very late naming of the team leaves them at a serious disadvantage, for it is certainly easier to raise funds “on the team” than to raise funds ” in expectation of being on the team”. The Brits have already announced their team.

The weeks seem to be whizzing by. At one point the WEGs seemed but a distant spot on the horizon, now it’s beginning to fill the entire vista!