April 2nd I came early in the morning to check on the horses and feed them. They seemed happy and hungry. I still gave them bran mashes since they drank very little on the journey. Both horses use Omega Alpha RegenerEQ for travel to keep them hungry and help promote a healthy gut. I LOVE this product because you can see results. Woody can be difficult to feed during shows and travel (picky eater) so I give him RegenerEQ starting four days ahead. It stimulates his appetite and limits that “tucked up” look they get from long journeys, plus an overall healthier looking muscles, topline and a glossy coat.

Of course, it was cold and wet, but I was prepared thanks to Fits ThermaMAX fleece-lined breeches and Shires Equestrian microfleece base layer shirts. Once the boys were done eating I turned them out next to each other in luscious green pasture with incredible backdrop of the Ridgeway Path hills. They were both very pleased to get outside and didn’t know what to do first. I was trying to put Woody in his paddock when Snow decided he wanted to go in with Woody. They’re pretty attached now they’ve traveled so long together. I dragged Snow back out through the gate and released Woody. He took off cantering into his field and Snow was wild with excitement. I managed to lead Snow to his own field and let go of him in there. He took off bucking and cavorting like a foal. Woody LOVES to roll, but he didn’t know what to do first. Run, buck, roll, snort or eat the yummy grass? They both settled pretty quickly on eating so I went back to much the stalls. Since it was pouring and the grass is so rich I could only leave them out for just over an hour. I brought them back in so they could dry and nap.

Woody's happy to eat at his temporary home.

Woody’s happy to eat at his temporary home.

Speaking of naps it was my turn for a nap I was still pretty tired from my journey. Jess (Marks head girl) pointed me in the direction of Ann’s apartment and I rolled her suitcase in. (It traveled with the horses). I took one look at the warm comfy couch and was passed out for nearly two hours!

Ann had been keeping in touch via the internet to say she was getting closer, Orlando-Toronto-Frankfurt-London, all flights. Then the train out to Swindon before renting a car and driving to Badgerstown, phew! So Ann arrived around 3:30 p.m. and Snow was so happy to see her again he was giving her head cuddle and nuzzling her. His eyes were instantly calmer and he looked so relaxed. We fed them dinner and then I headed back to Chieveley where I stay while I’m here and Ann “hit the hay.” (Excuse the pun. 🤣)

Nice view!

Nice view!

April 3rd Ann fed the horses at 7:00 a.m. and I came in a little later so we could muck the stalls while the horses enjoyed their turn out. It wasn’t raining by late morning so we decided to take them for a walk hack. We were going to give them another day to recover but judging by how “happy” they were to turn out that morning, I thought perhaps it was best to take them out for some exercise. First we rode them in the outdoor ring to “feel” them out for what kind of mood they were in before taking it upon ourselves to try the open fields. Snow’s “joie de vie” can be overwhelming at the best of times and I had to figure out if Woody was going to be a good influence or not. To be honest Snow was much better behaved than Woody once we got hacking. Both horses seemed fairly mellow in the ring so we went for a long walk around the cross country field looking out over the town below us. Then we walked along the edge of the all weather gallop towards the bottom of the hill so we could turn around and walk them up and back to the barn. Both horses enjoyed taking it all in as did we. The hill certainly helped give the horses something to do (especially Woody) other then look for things to spook at. The weather report said it was meant to rain all afternoon so we didn’t put them back out. Sadly it didn’t rain but Ann and I were in town running errands (buying all sorts of epic British food let’s be honest) so they stayed in and munched on hay.

In the evening Ann and I went down the road to the local curry restaurant called The Burj. Absolutely fabulous food! Luckily we were there early because it’s very popular and fills up fast. I ate far too much as per usual and headed home to bed.