The day after I wrote the last entry I fell off Solo.


It is actually the first time that anyone has fallen off him and I think he was a bit shocked (so was I).


I had him out in the grand prix field which is nice soft grass, and he had been giving me attitude from the moment my butt hit the tack.  He had been napping and bucking and generally being a toad.  Finally, after about fifteen minutes of pure argument, he appeared to give in and FLOATED around the ring in the most beautiful trot you can imagine. I was rising about a hundred feet in and out the tack to give him full range of movement… somewhere at the very top of my rise, he spooked, ducked backwards and to one side with a bit of a woopsie, and slam, off I came.  How humiliating… but it gets worse. 


Selena toddles over (she who dislocated her shoulder about five weeks ago), takes her arm out the sling, gets on him and he goes like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth for her….”who me?….argue???”


OK, so now it’s total humiliation.  I am not even speaking to him at present.


Selena is riding until I gauge myself ready for round 2.  I am getting my own back by lunging him in the Pessoa (which he hates) every chance I get 😉


I have to say, it was worth falling off to experience just a few minutes of that amazing trot, I can’t wait till he’s all growed up.