Yesterday we took Solo and another four year old off the property to school. It was very hot during the day so we took them later in the evening but even then, we were still limited by the heat and humidity. Both the youngsters behaved like stars. We started by leading them around in amongst the strange jumps – a mix of stadium and cross country. Solo was interested but not in any way intimidated. He looked around and did lots of sight seeing, but he was polite and well behaved. After he had toured the field and taken a look at everything, Selena hopped on and rode him.

The same thing only under saddle. Solo walked and trotted around the field until he was able to concentrate on his rider and not on the new scenery. Finally into canter and then back to trot to begin jumping. His first fence was a tiny show jump, about six inches high….he stopped….eek! Next time in he crawled up to it and then leapt over it from a standstill. A few more of the standing leaps and then he started to get into a better rhythm. By the end he was jumping everything in sight out of trot or canter. Scary brick walls, a bank, stone walls, a tire jump (always a ‘leaper’) He didn’t stop at another thing, just gave it his best shot. We were absolutely thrilled with him and we are looking forward to his debut at Millbrook. It’s hard when you have a four year old that is so much fun, not to do a little too much. We are being very good and keeping his routine and work, light and flexible. We are trying to give him as many experiences as possible without increasing his daily workload.

Solo ships down to Millbrook on the 9th and he is in the ring in the Young Event Horse class at 9am on the 10th – let’s hope the longer road trip doesn’t take too much out of him. He will be staying at Millbrook throughout the event, right through to the Sunday as he is traveling with Peanuts who will be competing in the Open Intermediate division. My understanding is that the class comprises of a dressage test and a show jumping/cross country round. More of a combined training than an event. Other than the fact that Bruce Davidson won it last year, that’s as much as I know. I am not yet sure if I will be able to travel down to NY with Solo, at present it seems unlikely. I will be sorry not to be there with my camera.