Woody was spectacular as per usual. I couldn’t see a distance to save my soul when it came to the straightforward galloping fences.

The time faults we had were my fault. Woody was foot-perfect everywhere and felt full of running. I’m so pleased he finished fit, happy and healthy! The footing was great and he was super right through the finish. I’m planning to lay down a clear round tomorrow to make up for my time faults today.

We were right on our minute markers until around minute seven I believe. There were many galloping fences in between the combinations. He was listening well so I didn’t need to take more time then usual at the combos, but when it came to some of the big galloping fences I just couldn’t see a galloping stride over them. They began to add up some time. After the last water (#25) we blasted over the last three galloping fences pedal to the metal easily, but it wasn’t enough to make the time.

I hope this means we are full of power tomorrow for a clean round to finish off this fun event!

Go Woody go!!