Solo has been on holiday since Wit’s End.  We hacked him for a couple of days of the first week, then eased it off to every other day and finally, when Selena set off for training camp for Fairhill, Solo was officially on holiday.  He had a lovely time.  He is fat and a little furry, but no less cheeky.

Since we got back he has done a couple of days hacking and lunging and today he is going to jump while Pat Burgess watches him.  Pat is not here giving a clinic this time, but she loves to hang out in the jumping field watching while we school the horses, flat and jumping.  She has had a special soft spot for Solo since the beginning.

Solo has a new sponsor for his blog which he earned through his stablemate Colombo’s recent travels.  Selena was riding Colombo last weekend at her second CCI***, Fairhill International (6th!!! and the fittest horse award….sorry, it’s a proud mother thing).  We knew Selena needed white breeches for dressage day, but we had hoped to buy them onsite in Maryland.  The shops opened early on dressage day and we were there, plastic in hand.  NOBODY had white breeches!  We went from store to store and finally found Equissentials, who were just uncovering their racks of lovely WHITE full seat breeches.  The owner of the company guessed Selena’s size by looking at her and he was bang on!  She looked gorgeous in them.  At the end of it all, he asked to become a sponsor of Solo’s blog and so we have another partner.

I am hoping to get some photos of Solo jumping in the field today. It’s a glorious Fall morning and I can’t wait to get out on my first horse.  Solo will start to prep for Florida after the Royal Winter Fair.