Well, it’s very unlikely that Solo will do more than be ponied out or a quick spin on the lunge – reason being??? We were up half the night welcoming our newest equine. Selena’s retired eventer, Be Bold Juliet, had her first baby and it’s a HUGE chestnut filly. Or at least it’s huge for a first foal out a 15hh TB. The foal is by a TB that stood at Watson Farms in Priceville. Sadly the sire died this past winter from old age. We have a few youngsters by the same sire and they have lovely temperaments, so far our baby seems to also have an exceptionally sweet, people loving personality.

I think she is going to be called ‘Fair Verona’ but the jury is still out.

Selena had left Juliet at about 10.15pm. She came back out at midnight and the foal was probably about 15 minutes old. We had a few moments panic when the mare appeared to colic quite severely not long after the birth, we called the vet who came and gave her some banamine. Apparently the after cramps can cause the bowel to cramp too. Juliet was a bit feisty as an event horse and we were holding our breath to see how she would take to motherhood – we should not have worried, she is going to do this just as well as she always did everything else. She is a great mama.

Solo might find himself a rung lower on the Mama’s-pampered-baby list, now that he has serious competition for Selena’s attention. Foals are just great, I had forgotten how exciting it is.

Off to check on the foal…