There will be no M’s in today’s post. No, not when there is such incredible good news to report from our eventers at Rolex. It is almost certainly the best result ever for Canada – I’d nearly bet money on it and as you know I shun gambling. Four in the top ten, and all girls at that. Another two fellas in the top 20 – that’s a lot of Maple Leafs on the leader board. I’m filled with admiration and pride for all the Canucks who completed their mission in Kentucky – including grooms, sponsors, hangers on and of course the coach of coaches, David O’C. But I want to take a minute to talk about the brightest young star at Rolex: Salmon Arm BC’s own Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch. 

Steph is what is commonly called a Rolex Rookie. This was her very first four star, and she did it on a Selle Francais/TB gelding named Port Authority (Ollie for short) who grew up in a back yard in Maple Ridge, BC. Talk about home grown. Now Steph is just 21 years old. No one can say for absolute certain, but here are a few probabilities about Steph’s fifth place at Rolex that are being bandied about: she is the highest placing Rookie ever, she is the youngest highest placing rider ever, she is the highest placed Canadian ever – at least as far as anyone can remember. Steph also won the Best Conditioned Horse award, proving that she isn’t just a lucky upstart with a good horse.

Steph is also young enough to be my daughter. I would like to adopt her. Of course she already has a perfectly wonderful mother, Trish, who is not only proud parent but also groom, travel companion and president of the fan club. But everyone can use another mom, right? I know that most people who adopt children prefer to get them as babies – pure, unadulterated and ready to be molded according to the desires of their adoptive parents. But I have never wished to break my diaper changing record of zero times in my life, and who needs the moods and surliness of teens? The whole point of having kids is to be able to live vicariously through them, anyway. To me, Stephanie would make a perfect adopted daughter. First and foremost, she is achieving what I never achieved as an event rider – actually she is doing what most riders would never dream possible. She also happens to be great fun to talk to, and she’s old enough to go to a bar. Yes, the perfect daughter prospect. I’m going to apply today. If I get turned down maybe I can be accepted as an honorary aunt.