Later this week I’ll be posting every couple of days from Canada’s biggest DQ gig, the back-to-back CDIs in Blainville, Quebec, where I will meet and clink glasses with none other than Cees Slings, Holland’s King of the Freestyle and creator of the futuristic freestyle judging device. My cliff-hangers from last week will be divulged as I fire into cyberspace from the Blainville press tower, but just so you don’t lose heart or interest, here is one that some of you have been waiting for.

Who is the Hunk? The answer is more sociopathic than even I could have imagined. According to the email address in one the Hunk’s comments on my blog, the trail doubles back to our disgruntled freestyle man who sometimes goes by the front name of horsedances – and who distinguishes himself in many ways on the internet: being kicked off CoTH on a regular basis (, then reinventing himself under a new identity; pirating videos and posting them on his own website (which I will not give extra hits by naming here); and arguing with himself on my blog by posing as someone else….to what end? To pit other people against each other? Who knows? Who cares? He went away and I hope he stays away. Even if he grows the balls to post a comment using his real name, I am not forwarding my policy of ‘freedom of expression’ unconditionally. Criticism of my opinions is welcome. Hate mail is not.

A bientot!