In addition to being a muckraker, I am also intrepid, according to a slightly less intrepid blogger on The Carrot (only less so because we don’t know who you are, not because you shy away from controversy, oh no!). My Oxford dictionary reveals that intrepid means fearless or very brave. I’ll take it! I believe it’s the second time the Carroteers have called me intrepid, and both times it was in reference to my Michael Morrissey chronicles. The latest Carrot creation is rather entertaining, not only because it revolves around something I wrote about, but also because it’s good for a laugh or three.

When you’ve finished reading July 3rd’s installment, scroll down to the Big Ass Fan post on July 1st. When I got the WEG press release about Big Ass Fans I put it straight in my ‘to blog about’ folder, but the Carrot beat me to it. The Carroteer also did far more research than I would have cared to do on such a ridiculous subject; he/she dug up some real gems in the form of outraged comments from insulted people who may or not have big asses, but who find the company name to be in poor taste. How’s this for a mixed metaphor, compliments of someone whose moral upstandingness is not to be outdone by something so trivial as effective use of Grade 8 English: ‘This may seem a small matter but the snowball is picking up steam as it rolls down the hill’. 

And thank you so much Carroteer for your tips on surviving a traverse through one of Kentucky’s dry counties. But even if I should find myself temporarily stranded far from an adult beverage, I can slake my thirst upon arrival at the WEG venue with its official Bourbon (Maker’s Mark), and chase that down with a sleeve of the official beer (Bourbon Barrel Ale). I will not be chowing down on WEG’s official food item, Papa John’s Pizza, nor will I be washing it down with Pepsi, the WEG’s fast food beverage accompaniment of choice.  We’ll have to wait and see if this WEG breaks world records on the field of play, but it’s already broken one record: it’s the world’s most commercialized equestrian event ever, by a bluegrass country mile. You can’t get more American than that.

One question for my Carrot friend: what on earth were you doing in Burkina Faso? And please, please won’t you tell me who you are? I promise not to be a big, bad-assed journalist and tell anyone. Promise! Email me pleeeeeassse.