Just in case any of you out there have been checking back for my usual once-weekly rants, I want to apologize for my inactivity the past two weeks. I’ll have a ‘real’ post up in the next two days, and there is no shortage of material waiting to be shared, what with the two week gap and all. This week’s theme will focus on some of the truly outstanding work coming out of the USEF’s media department (yes, EC, you get a break for once). Just to give you a little sampling of their new ESL-style, here is one of my favourite sentences (yes, it was hard to choose because the pickings were so plentiful) from the USEF press release following the Dressage Nations Cup at Hickstead: “Seidel (Cardiff, CA) and Coral Reef Ranch’s 13-year-old Westphalian mare were also awarded USEF Grant to train and compete in the Europe.” I daresay Guenter, whose first language is German, would not have failed to understand the basics of when to use an article and when not to.