Looks like the far west isn’t so apathetic after all. I haven’t had so many indignant comments since I questioned the moral fibre of gaited horse people at the WEG opening ceremonies. I have two questions for all you Boo EC people, who may or may not be direct descendants of Albertans:

1. where were you over the last year and a half while the HCBC exec (and no, not just their past Prez) negotiated and signed an affiliation agreement with EC? I’ve been blogging about this topic for a long time, and this is the first I’ve heard from the ‘hell no’ faction in BC. There are two possible answers here. Which is it folks? Is it A) You didn’t care until there was a possible revolt and the opportunity to sling mud, or is it B)You were out of the country for the entire time?

2. Who are you people? I mean this literally. Who ARE you? The last time I saw this many pseudonyms was when I reluctantly checked out some thread on the CoTH dribblers. Lulu Lemming? In the Know? Not even a first name? Seriously people. Grow yourselves a pair. I do get the impression at least some of you had never heard of my blog (or read any of my magazine articles for that matter) before last week. Here’s a bit of news for you: I HATE cowardly slagging. You said it, you own it is the modus operandi of this blog.

I have a few personal things to say to some of you too.

Dear Bea: why do you keep coming back? You already complained when I used the words ‘fat’ and ‘girls’ in the same sentence back in September. If you find me so objectionable, why do you continue to click on my blog and torture yourself? Is it mouse Tourette’s, or have you not come to terms with the fact that you kind of like being horrified by me in the same way people like watching scary movies? If you think my language was impolite, I guess you would never dare to subject yourself to Rick Mercer. Last week he called a Cabinet minister ‘colossally stupid’. And heaven forbid you should accidentally stumble upon Jon Stewart, who uses cuss words. I will make you a deal. I promise not to read your comments if I don’t like them and in return you don’t read this blog if you don’t like it. 

The Scream by Edward Munch

Jamie, oh Jamie. I so don’t follow you. What do you mean research? Do you mean the interviews I did with all the stakeholders for my Horse Sport article, which will appear in the April issue?  What gain do you foresee by wanting provinces to break their signed agreements with EC? And what can your demonstration of a firm grasp of Grade 3 arithmetic mean? You tell me to ‘do the math’ but you already did it. I am in the dark, Jamie. I think you are treating me like a mushroom with all your undefined doom.


 Calling Lulu, Lulu Lemming – the only disgruntled opinion I have expressed is my own – as I said in the blog. Don’t try reading between the lines with me. It’s the stuff between the lines that I like to write. I know Jamie thinks I do shoddy research, but he/she/it is wrong. I do thorough research. And I have a pretty good memory. I know BC signed an agreement with EC. The fact that the three other provinces and territory who said ‘yes’ have been collecting $10 EC membership fees for 2011, with no mushroom fertilizer thrown into anyone’s face along the way, speaks for itself. HCBC’s exec (or at least those who are aware of what is going on and support this out-of-the-blue ‘hell no’ crusade) are being obtuse. Do you know what obtuse means, Lulu? It means they are pretending to not follow the plot while making up their own. You clearly have taken issue with the idea that BC would give membership dollars to EC. Did you voice that opinion before or at the time HCBC signed the contract? You really should speak up if you think you are being done wrong. You should also lose that ridiculous name behind which you are hiding. 


In the Know! I love you! The other day I heard two Iranian comedians being interviewed about their political satire show that is aired on public radio. Their reply to the question regarding  what they thought of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was that they wished he would give a speech every day so they would never run out of material. And that’s exactly how I feel about you. I just hope your media work is not in the written form. Your E is awfully SL for some poor editor to try and clean up on a regular basis. In fact, I am personally ‘appauled’ and disgusted by your slaughtering of my mother tongue. I know I ought to cut you some slack – I’m married to a Czech after all (and in fact I detect a strong Central European influence in your grammar). But I’m not going to. This is my blog and your opinion of it matters not in the least to me. 

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In closing, I would like to remind the anonymous whiners who posted nasty bits on my blog last week that we live in Canada (BC is in Canada, in case any of you forgot), a country where freedom of expression is a right – one which you have enjoyed on this blog quite freely and without the slightest restraint. Maybe when you get those cojones sewn on you can ask to have your double standard removed at the same time.