Hi all. I’m on the road for freestyle biz this week – this is just a quick check-in so that those of you who are used to Wednesdays at Straight-Up aren’t left with nothing but getting through last week’s ‘novel’ of a post. Now, I know at least one of you hates it when I venture into irrelevant territory, but it seems to me there are certain topics that are always forgivable even when they are apropo of nothing at all – such as patriotism. I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the True North Strong and Free this fall, which is probably why I have found myself getting all dewy eyed watching The Rick Mercer Report on line. Here are the links to two of my all-time favourite clips from the show – one from last year, and one from last week. If you are not from Canada, watch them anyway. Rick is our ‘in the field’ answer to Jon Stewart. 

Talk to you next week when I’m finally home for (most of) the rest of 2010.

Rick Mercer and the Last Spike 

Rick and Rick Bungee Jump at Whistler