What’s New in Equine Research

Updates on equine research across Canada from stem cells, sudden-death syndrome, proud flesh and other pertinent racehorse ailments.

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By: Nicole Kitchener |

Canada is a major player on the equine research scene with five faculties of veterinary medicine undertaking a vast range of health, behaviour and management research programs. This Canadian Thoroughbred article looks at a sample of ground breaking equine research from each of Canada’s veterinary schools.

Stem Cell Research at the Atlantic Veterinary College extracts stem cells from an injured horse’s healthy tissue, multiplies it in the laboratory and re-injects it into injured tendons, ligaments and bones. Joint Disease Diagnosis could help prevent or minimize the effects of osteoarthritis. Studying Pregnancy Signals involves collecting embryos and endometrium from normal and “failing” pregnancies to investigate and determine a pregnancy’s success.

Also discussed in this article is Sudden Death in Thoroughbred Racehorses, Bacterial Infection as the leading cause of pneumonia in foals, Ulcers in Western Canadian Performance Horses, tissue hypoxia (lack of oxygen) as a contributor to Proud Flesh, Heaves Reversal by removing environmental allergens or by using anti-inflammatory drugs and Chronic Respiratory Disease.

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