What NOT to Feed Your Horse

Everyone has heard stories of ponies that loved to wash down human foods, but there are many foods including house plants that horses should not be fed.

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By: Horse Media Group |

Equines must eat a plant-based diet. As obligate herbivores, their teeth and digestive systems aren’t designed to handle meat and some fruit and vegetables. This Horse Sport article lists a number of “people” foods you should avoid feeding your horse, as well as the offending ingredients and their effects.

For instance, the stimulant caffeine, found in drinks such as tea, coffee and colas can cause an irregular heart rhythm. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can lead to severe colic, seizures, metabolic issues and internal bleeding. Another example is the simple potato. Green or rotten, they can be toxic to any animal. Fed whole, they may lodge in the windpipe, resulting in choke (a warning that applies to any large, firm fruits or vegetables). Other foods to avoid feeding horses include garlic and onion, tomatoes; fruit seeds and pits; dog and cat kibble; potatoes; and house plants.

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