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Training Tools from the Fringe

Every once in a while, a product breaks through and becomes hugely successful, embraced by the equestrian industry as a safe and legitimate training aid.

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By: Karen Robinson |

In this Horse Sport article, Karen Robinson points out the pros, and mostly cons, of some of the more popular training tools that are readily available through training sites on the internet. Although Myler bits and the Pessoa Lunging System have been very successful, and proven effective, there are many companies that push training tools that are rarely seen to be an effective, or even humane, training methods.

The Buck Stopper, named and promoted by Monty Roberts, only requires that you have some long, thin rope and then study his video to learn how to properly apply and use this method to stop any horse from bucking. Other tools, such as The Humane Headsetter, the Lungie Bungie and the HorseHugger Training System require that you purchase the product from the company’s websites. Most of these companies do state that their training tool should only be used by “experienced horse people, trainers and instructors” with disclaimers that state they “cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the equipment”.

To read more, go to: https://horsesport.com/magazine_articles/modern-horse-training-tools-effective-or-harmful