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Top 9 Saddle Fitting Problems

Three of Canada’s top saddle fitters share the three saddle fitting concerns they confront most frequently and possible solutions for them.

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By: Nicole Kitchener |

This Horse Sport article asks a trio of Canadian experts to describe their most commonly-seen saddle fit issues and how to remedy them.

Sabine Schleese of Schleese Saddlery talks about saddles that slip forward or to the side, and especially those that don’t fit the female body. “If your saddle is not built to accommodate you … then you’ll be fighting the saddle instead of it helping your riding.”

Vickie Keam of Alberta deals with insufficient wither clearance, twisted saddles and too much rocker, which restricts the horse’s ability to round his back.

‘The Saddle Doctor’ Lesley McGill talks about saddles that sit too low in front or are too small for the rider, plus the problem of inappropriate girths, which are “just as important as the saddle in a lot of cases.”

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