The Revitalization of Anderson Farms

When Bob Anderson died in 2010, his son, David, went against the norm and opted to reinvest heavily in Anderson Farms of St. Thomas.

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By: Dave Briggs |

Following the death of successful Ontario breeder and Woodbine board member Bob Anderson in 2010, his son David opted to dive into “uncharted waters” and invest in significant upgrades to Anderson Farms located in St. Thomas, ON, the 140-acre operation started by his father in 1969. This included culling and rejuvenating the broodmare band, plus installing extensive fencing and repaving. “I kept thinking, ‘What in the hell am I doing?’ This whole slots thing in Ontario is falling apart and here I am dumping money into this farm,” David remarked. “But at the end of the day, I’ve got to be proud of that operation…”

David also operates Phoenix Performance Products which manufactures protective vests and helmets for equestrian sports, and owns close to 100 Percherons in Iowa, as well as some Clydesdales. In this Canadian Thoroughbred article you will meet his loyal staff, many of whom have been with the farm for decades, and learn why David made this leap of faith during a time of uncertainty in the thoroughbred racing business.

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