The Perfect Nick

What is the ideal breeding nick for my mare? Is there a proven formula crossing certain stallions bloodlines with those of certain mares?

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By: Jennifer Morrison |

This Canadian Thoroughbred article analyzes ten of Canada’s top 2010 stallions according to the pedigree nicks of their top offspring, offering a guide as to what crosses might work for your mare. Stallions discussed include: Old Forester, Philanthropist, Forest Grove, Strut the Stage, Bold Executive, Milwaukee Brew, Gilded Time, Where’s the Ring, Best of the Bests (IRE), Tethra,

Whether you believe in nick-breeding, popularly defined as crossing different stallion lines, it is interesting to study what has been successful with some of the country’s newest stallions, and some of the older studs. Some of the top Canadian stallions of 2010, analyzed by some of their top offspring are examined below according to pedigree nicks, offering a guide as to what has, and may, work for your own mare.

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