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Tendon Transplants – New Hope for Hopeless Cases

The Westphalian gelding owned by Mark Harryman was inspected by multiple veterinarians, although none held out much hope the horse could be saved, let alone return to the grand prix circuit. At the suggestion of a friend, Brown, who resides in Menlo Park, CA, decided to try a treatment that had recently emerged, but had yet to garner headlines on this continent. “I went over what my vets said, then threw it all out and made a decision on my own,” he said. “This treatment was recommended by a friend in New Zealand. He said it was cutting-edge and explained to me how it worked. Within a week Dr. Patrick Casey flew out here, looked at the horse and told me he thought he could fix it, which was a lot more than what other veterinarians were telling me.” Casey, a veterinarian and research specialist from New Zealand, removed about…

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