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Concussion Protocols at EC Shows

Horse show steward Jan Stephens reviews the Concussion Protocol introduced and implemented by Equestrian Canada in 2017, along with recent concussion stats.

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By: Jan Stephens |

Long-time Canadian horse show steward Jan Stephens reviews Equestrian Canada’s concussion protocols for horseback riders, which were instituted in 2017.

Stephens says she, along with fellow horse show officials, were apprehensive at first, unsure how the new rules would play out. However, she reports that the initial implementation was very positive.

In this Horse Sport article, Stephens explains the new concussion and return to play protocols – from on-site assessment by medical personnel after a fall, to making the decision to suspend a rider until they are medically cleared, to all the forms and processes involved in reporting an incident and allowing a rider to return to competition.

She also includes some important concussion statistics, which highlight the need for new rules, to protect equestrians and prevent long-term injury, and provides a link to the concussion guidelines offered by Parachute, a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.

To read more, go to: https://horsesport.com/magazine_articles/equestrian-canada-new-concussion-protocols