Commercial Feeds

Fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals, commercial feeds help meet the horse’s nutritional needs where cereal grains alone might be lacking.

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By: Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD. |

While many horses can actually meet their daily nutritional requirements eating good quality hay alone, there are some classes of horses that need extra nutrients to thrive. Horses in heavy work, those with difficulty maintaining weight, seniors, growing youngsters and breeding animals often require commercial feeds for a balanced diet.

In this Horse Sport article, equine nutritionist Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips lists and describes the different types of commercial feeds for horses. She explains that commercial feeds are made up of mainly cereal grains and by-products such as beet pulp. And, she said, they are fortified with nutritional fillers such as soybean meal to boost protein quantity and quality, plus vitamins and minerals. There are also formulations designed specifically for horses with food sensitivities and metabolic issues.

There is a wide variety of commercial feeds on the market, which come in different forms, with different ingredient ratios. Dr. Pratt-Phillips advises owners to do their research before altering their horses’ diets.

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