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What is the Best Type of Wood Fence for Horses?

Dwayne Job of System Fencing Ltd. discusses the different types of wood that can be used for horse fencing, and the associated costs of each kind.

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By: Dwayne Jobs |

The right type of wood is key to providing that beautiful fencing we all love to see when we drive past an equestrian property, but more importantly it provides a safe environment for our horses. Before making one of the biggest investments for your farm, you need to make informed decisions.

In this Horse Sport article, Dwayne Job of System Fencing explains how choosing the best wood for that fencing requires an understanding of the different wood types and what each has to offer. Hardwood is the most often recommended and is also the most expensive, but offers that classic country charm. Alternative fencing materials include softwood and pressure-treated lumber, each of which have their advantages.

Maintenance is required for all fencing, but how often you end up replacing or painting boards will be determined by the type of wood you use. Depending on what material you choose, your fencing could last between 10-40 years, so selecting the right wood product is critical.

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