My Neurotic Heart Horse

How Andrea Harrison, aka the Inadvertent Rescuer, discovered Mr. Neurotic, her “heart horse,” in Horse Canada magazine’s new Back Page series.

Magical Albert

Lusi was prone to having big babies – her first two foals both weighed nearly 120 pounds, and the equine midwife said they “weren’t easy pulls.”

On the Road with Odysseo

As the performers take the stage, you are swept away into the world of Cavalia's Odysseo, where you remain, rapt, until the final hoof fall.

Cora and Max: A Love Story on Many Levels

Andy Spencer says every day is a happy day for his daughter with special needs, 10-year-old Cora, a rider at Guelph, Ontario’s Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre.

Instructor Tiffany Mast describes Cora Spencer as “fun, outgoing and energetic,” while …

Rebuilding After Tragedy

Classy Lane’s fire prevention strategy also includes undergoing regular inspection by the Puslinch Fire Department. Keep reading for more information.

Jan Stephens Letter

Where do stewards come from? They come mostly from stakeholders surrounding the sport ‒ older athletes, coaches, moms, and dads.

Craig Collins Letter

From an organizer’s point of view, all officials that are contracted for our EC-sanctioned competitions make up a very valuable part of a horse show team.