10 Facts About Cowboy Boots

Learn about the evolution of the boot that won the West, then went from functional to fashionable, with these 10 amazing facts about cowboy boots.

Northlands Park Bids Farewell

A look at how local media covered the end of Thoroughbred racing at Northlands Park, after 118 years. In the end, the Edmonton track went out with a bang.

Inside TV’s Heartland

Enjoy a behind the scenes tour of CBC’s hit show, Heartland, and get insider information on how it’s made from the cast and crew members.

“C” is for Courage

Andrea Harrison (aka the Inadvertent Rescuer) shares a story about a horse that went from merely surviving to thriving, and the courage it took.

No Fly Zone

Today’s fly masks for horses boast a range of features from nose flaps and ear coverings to lightweight high-tech fabrics and UV protection.

Do You Speak Horse?

A recent study posed the question: can people make accurate distinctions between horse vocalizations in positive and negative contexts?