Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the fourth leg of the 2017 Para-Equestrian Video Competition series. The next deadline for submission is coming up quickly on Oct. 30, 2017.

Important Details to Note:

• Entries for each competition close at 11:59 p.m. ET. Please ensure that you create your video with sufficient time for submission, as all closing dates and times are final, and cannot be extended.

• Please read the Video Competition Series rules and entry instructions carefully before submitting your entry, as these documents contain important information. (For example – only videos uploaded through YouTube will be permitted — no other formats are accepted.)

• 2017 will be the final season for Coast-to-Coast classes.

• The 2018 Para-Equestrian Video Competition series will be limited to para-dressage with new 2018 para-equestrian dressage tests being launched.

To download class information and to enter online, please visit

To participate in the October 2017 leg of the 2017 Para-Equestrian Video Competition series, be sure to submit your entry by October 30, 2017.

The entry deadline for the final 2017 Para-Equestrian Video Competition series is:

• November 27, 2017.

About the 2017 Para-Equestrian Video Competition Series

The 2017 Para-Equestrian Video Competition series allows athletes to experience competition conditions in the comfort of their home stable and on a familiar horse. The series provides riders of all levels and abilities with the opportunity to experience competition conditions in the comfort of their home stable and on a familiar horse. Riders are judged by certified Para-Equestrian judges against other similar riders across Canada and are eligible to win great prizes.

Video competitions encourage riders to develop effective riding skills while competing in a progressive and structured environment. Competition is an integral part of athlete development and provides the opportunity to set new goals and develop a sense of empowerment and accomplishment.

All riders with physical and/or intellectual impairments are welcome to compete in the video competitions. There are two types of classes offered – Coast-to-Coast and Sea-to-Sea. The Coast-to-Coast classes provide riders with an opportunity to compete in a variety of disciplines. The Sea-to-Sea classes are offered for riders who wish to compete in the more competitive para-dressage stream. All classes are open to both classified and unclassified riders (including those with intellectual impairments).

The 2017 Video Competition provides the opportunity to:

• Put your choreography skills to the test and let your creative side shine by entering the freestyle to music classes in the Sea-to-Sea Para-Dressage program.

• Compete for high point championships within the Sea-to-Sea classes.

• Participate in test of choice classes – ideal for athletes who have competed up to the EC Gold level.

• Try out other Para-Equestrian disciplines in the Coast-to-Coast program, which includes para-driving, combined jumping, and reining classes.

For additional information, please contact Para-Equestrian via telephone 1-866-282-8395 x 146 or e-mail

*French versions of the information packages are available upon request.