The Equestrian Canada (EC) Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the Board candidate election results and the eight (8) new Directors who have been elected to the 2017 EC Board.

The full results of the board candidate election are as follows:

Laura Balisky/Langley, BC/9
Craig Collins/Loretto, ON/84/ELECTED
Charles Cue/Aylesford, NS/126/ELECTED
Willa Gauthier/Erin, ON/80
Peggy Hambly/Guelph, ON/87/ELECTED
Meg Krueger/Mississauga, ON/123/ELECTED
Rupert May/Langley, BC/109/ELECTED
Robert Mitchell/Vancouver, BC/96/ELECTED
Carla Robin/Langley, BC/90/ELECTED
Natasha Skupsky/Toronto, ON/73
Chris Sorensen/Caledon, ON/95/ELECTED

*The full election process, including the process for points tabulation, will be detailed in a final report by the Nominating Committee. The report will be presented during the 2017 EC Annual General Meeting in September 2017, and then made available on the EC website.

The following returning Directors will round out the 2017 EC Board:

Jorge Bernhard – ON
Dominique Chagnon – QC
Lisa Lazarus – QC
Doug Orr – AB

During the call for EC Board candidates, a total of 33 qualified applications provided a nomination package by close of the nomination period on June 1, 2017. Following an in-depth review of all candidates, the EC Nominating Committee unanimously agreed to put forward ballot nominations for 11 individuals.

The EC Voting Members were invited to cast their ballots between July 31 and Aug. 3, 2017 to determine the successful candidates.

“On behalf of EC, I am pleased to welcome the new Directors to the EC Board,” said Peggy Hambly, EC President. “It is exciting to see EC’s new governance model at work, ensuring that the voting structure is effective and equitable, and that board candidates are elected based on the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to lead EC to be a world-class equestrian organization.”

As per Bylaw 4.2, b) Transition, there were up to eight (8) Director positions to be filled for 2017 as follows:

• Four (4) positions for a three-year term ending in 2020

• One (1) position for a one-year term ending in 2018

In addition, as a result of resignations, the Board elected to fill the vacancies for the balance of the terms as follows:

• Two (2) positions for a two-year term ending in 2019

• One (1) position for a one-year term ending in 2018

Following this announcement of the successful candidates, the Nominating Committee Chair will be presenting the terms of office for each of the newly elected Board members for acceptance by the Board. Each candidate will be informed of the decision prior to the general release of this information.

For more information on the EC Board of Directors, visit