American rider Lucy Deslauriers and her mount Hester prevail again in the standing of the Quebec Original Grand Prix at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park.

The course, designed by Anthony d’Ambrosio (USA), was the perfect ending for this first week of CSI3* competitions of the International Bromont. With 13 obstacles for 16 efforts, the course was long, technical; and demanding with its multiple broken lines, sharp angles, triple combination and two tight half-turns. No distractions allowed for the athletes.

Of the 34 rider-horse pairs participating, nine made it to the jump-off round, including Canadian Julia Madigan, Susan Horn, Keean White and Mario Deslauriers, American Christine McCrea and Lucy Deslauriers as well as Irishmen Conor Swail, Michael Hutchinson & the winner of Thursday’s opening event, Captain Brian Cournane.

First out on the jump-off course, Hutchison & Catango set the time to beat with a double clear in 38.83 seconds. Susan Horn and Balintore, 5th in the jump-off round, come out for the victory. They execute the course with brio and take a particularly abrupt turn after landing the next-to-last obstacle before galloping at full speed towards the final oxer to take the lead with a time of 38.38 seconds. Lucy Deslauriers, who won with Hester the FEI Classic on July 27, start following countrywoman Christine McCrea. With Hester, they overcome every difficulty on the course, using their combined talents by taking advantage stride by stride: with a lead of almost 4 seconds over their closest competitors, Lucy Deslauriers and Hester are assured of the victory.

The International Bromont will begin its second week of competitions from August 1 to August 5, 2018. International events will be presented Thursday, Friday and Sunday, August 2, 3 and 5, 2018.

CSI3* Quebec Original Grand Prix
1. Lucy Deslauriers (USA)/ Hester 0-0, 34.85
2. Susan Horn (CAN) / Balintore 0-0, 38.38
3. Conor Swail (IRL) / Domino van de Valhoeve 0-0, 38.63
4. Michael Hutchinson (IRL) / Catango 0-0, 38.83
5. Captain Brian Cournane (IRL)/Dino 0-0, 40.03
6. Keean White (CAN)/For Freedom Z 0-0, 40.05
7. Mario Deslauriers (CAN) / Bardolina 2 0-4, 38.58
8. Julia Madigan (CAN) / Farfelu du Printemps 0-4, 40.24
9. Christine McCrea (USA) / Nektarina B 0-8, 39.21
10. François Lamontagne (CAN)/Chanel du Calvaire 1, 84.13