The United States Equestrian Team Foundation president and CEO Jane Clark will resign from her position at the foundation’s Annual Meeting, January 26, 2013.

Clark, one of the biggest financial contributors to the USET Foundation, and owner of several American high performance mounts, has hired Great Britain’s Ben Maher to ride a string of her show jumping horses starting this month.

While Clark will continue to support her riders, Katherine Bateson-Chandler (dressage), Chester Weber (driving) and Leslie Burr-Howard (jumping), she did not want to create an “awkward situation” for the foundation with the addition of Maher to her team.

Former Canadian, Mario Deslauriers, who now represents the United States, had been riding Clark’s jumpers, including Urico and Cella, but the duo parted ways following the Olympic trials this year. In fact, Deslauriers and Urico were knocked out of Olympic contention when Urico tested positive for cocaine following a selection trail in March. As a result, stable manager/trainer Bruce Burr received a two-year suspension from the USEF along with a fine. Clark was also fined and ordered to return all winnings and prize money won by Urico during the trials.

Clark has offered to assist the incoming president and CEO with their transition, and pledged to continue her support of the United States Equestrian Team.