Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to announce that licensed EC officials will now have the opportunity to take on an expanded role in Canadian equestrian sport by officiating at both EC and provincially sanctioned competitions.

“EC recognizes that licensed officials may have a greater impact on the development of sport through their involvement at Provincial Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) sanctioned events,” said EC Chief Executive Officer, Richard Mongeau regarding this new policy, which was implemented in May 2018 through an EC/PTSO Memorandum of Agreement.

Mongeau continued, “Allowing licensed EC officials to officiate at PTSO sanctioned competitions will fulfill the need for qualified officials at this level of competition and will allow EC officials to be more effective in mentoring up and coming officials.”

Mongeau concluded, “The Officials Addendum is a vital and impactful piece of the EC/PTSO Memorandum of Agreement, and the result of a vital collaboration between EC and the PTSOs. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the PTSOs in our joint efforts to support and grow the equestrian community in Canada.”

Questions? Comments?

For questions or comments regarding the Officials Addendum, please contact:

Jennifer Eastwood

Director, Technical Development

Equestrian Canada