Polocrosse Canada has announced their 2012 Canadian Polocrosse team. After a gruelling weekend of tryouts, the team consists of four women and two men, the youngest being 16.

The team is in their final weeks of preparation before competing at the International Challenge Match in France, July 22 to August 6, against France, Great Britain, Holland, Germany and Norway.

While the sport is not widely known in Canada, it is the backbone of sporting opportunities and bragging rights in many countries across the globe. Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse and is a game that requires strong horsemanship and racquet skills, especially when competing at the international level. It is played on an outdoor field, on horseback. Each rider uses a cane stick to which is attached a racquet head with a loose net, in which the ball is caught, picked up and carried. The ball is made of sponge rubber and is approximately 4″ across. The objective is to score goals by throwing the ball between your opponent’s goal posts. Players are allowed only one horse per game, except in the case of injury. A team consists of 6 players, divided into two sections of three who play alternate chukkas of a maximum of 8 minutes each. Six or eight chukkas comprise a full match. When played at the higher levels it is an exciting game of athleticism on the part of both the horse and rider.

The Canadian team is eagerly anticipating their trip to Rue, France to show the international Polocrosse arena that we too have the gumption for the sport. They have been preparing for the event for months and now in the final weeks before competition are focusing on game strategy, hard practices, sponsorship opportunities and of course the excitement to compete.

Team members are: Renee Hicks, William Horne, Isabelle Ladiges, Kayla Hicks, Samantha McCulloch, all from the Calgary area, and Lance Davison from Delta, BC.

“This is one of those rare opportunities where you get to compete in a sport you love and combine it with world travel”, said Renee Hicks. “I am so excited to be going.”

For more information on the sport and exciting news from the Canadian Polocrosse Team, visit http://www.polocrossecanada.com/ or follow the team on Twitter @PoloxCanada