British show jumper Ben Maher is being sued by long-time backers Mike and Emma Phillips, who allege the rider siphoned funds off transactions he made on their behalf.

The couple is suing Maher for approximately £700,000, and are further demanding the sale of Maher’s 2012 London Olympic Team gold partner, Tripple X, whom they own in partnership.

Maher, 30, has served as a bloodstock agent for the couple, who run Quainton Stud in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on multiple occasions. This is how, they say, he came to make secret profits off the deals by providing them with false information regarding the prices paid for horses.

In one case, they say Maher made $350,000 when he sold their horse Tackeray to an American buyer for $850,000 and told them the price had been $500,000. He is further accused of profiting off of five other sales including Quainton Quirifino (10,000 euros), Awanti (50,000 euros), Vigolo (152,000 euros), Robin Hood (£80,000) and Wonderboy (£222,496).