AlexJune2909chair.JPGIt has been really HOT here the past few days. I was reading on the deck on my lunch break and now I am bronzed/red on only one side as I didn’t even think of the sun while reading so now I am two toned. We found a lake 15 min away from Tullstrop. It’s not very big but it’s nice, has a small beach and the water is warm:). I was expecting ice cold water for Sweden but it was actually warm and refreshing. After finishing work we all piled into the car and went for a swim.

I also learned this morning that I won’t be taking up gardening as a second career. I did some weeding as part of my morning work for Jan. Man it hurts your back after awhile! I have a whole new respect for gardeners!

After bathing horses and weeding I had a lesson with Jan. I was really pleased with it. Vitall felt even better from his treatment really swinging through the back. We worked on the same stuff as last week. Warming up nice and relaxed and then bringing him up in the frame to be able to be “show ready” and build his strength. We also worked on walk pirouettes which I am getting better at myself as a rider. Pirouettes, for some reason, have always been my weak point. I tend to over think them too much but as we worked through them they got 100% better.

My mom is coming for a visit in July for two weeks. When she is here I will have her video a few lessons and post them for you all to see what is going on.

I am feeling much more adjusted to work now. The first two weeks were a little rough and I felt like I was just running from barn to barn. But now I am getting the hang of it. I got asked today “do you know what saddle this horse gets” and my automatic answer was “No” … but then I was like wait “Yes I do!” So it hit me there that I am getting into the swing of things. 

Next Monday all of us are planning to go to a Music Festival. It’s in the next town over (about 30 min drive away) we are all pretty excited.

Here are some pics from the lake 🙂