vancouver_2010.jpgA wonderful 17 days has come to an end and Vancouver did a great job hosting the games. It felt like the city was a spring break destination for the last few weeks, it’s been non-stop partying. I think it is safe to say that everyone across the country is PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!

This week I am also wrapping up my vacation and heading back to Holland on Friday and arrive there Saturday afternoon. My mom is also coming with me for a week because I still can’t drive with my left hand.

I got my cast off on the weekend and now I just have a splint on. Splint stays on for about another 2 weeks then I can start to slowly move it again and regain strength. When the doctor took my cast off I felt like I had an alien limb – my arm has zero muscle tone. Over the week, I am getting laser treatment done to help speed up the process. I went for my first treatment yesterday and it’s feeling better already. When I first left Holland, I was at a 6 for pain but now I’m down to 3 or 4.  A BIG, BIG improvement! I was actually able to sleep last night!

I’ll be busy this week getting lots of errands done including getting Oslo new health papers to fly. I have to meet with the federal vet and get everything stamped etc… busy, busy!

I’m praying the weather has warmed up a bit in Holland because it is literally spring in Vancouver with most of the flowers in bloom. I won’t be a happy camper to see snow again or let’s say it will be a hard adjustment!