Today was a day out of the ordinary. I spent my birthday at a reining competion which was actually really fun and made me feel as though I was back home. They even had big trucks and trailers. Europe went has gone slightly wild west.

Twanny, one of the girls that works for Anky, asked me to come along with her to keep her company and to watch. It was really cool to see how the reining competion worked. Anky did a super job and got a qualifying score for the A-team which made her very happy. Reining even has a test book just like our dressage test book and they get judged along the same lines as dressage. I find it quite fascinating.

Anky’s second class wasn’t until late so I left Twanny and went with Anky to the World Cup that’s on at Brabant. I have tickets to watch the freestyles tomorrow but today I got backstage into the stabling today. Anky is stabled right by the warm up so I was hanging out there watching the jumping and giving Salinaro some attention as he was rather bored. Across from Anky was Isabel Werth. I could not believe how Big Warrem Nicht is… he looks like he could just step out of his stall.

It was an exciting day and I will have more “show news and photos” to report after the weekend!