It has been a pretty easy going week, a lot of our young horses went to Flyinge for the breeders competion and all of them have done exceptionally well.  Jan has gone to Italy for the weekend so I have been able to ride lots of horses which has been a lot of fun. I got to ride Briar again the other day, I never get over how incredible he is to ride, truly one of a kind.

I have been taking it easy with Vitall this week taking him out on road walks in the forest. The weather has been really cold but sunny. Next week we will pick back up again with work and start preparing for our next competion in Helsingborg at the Swedish championships. My mom is coming back over that weekend, I can’t wait to see her. After that, Christmas will be around the corner and I’m heading home for.

This weekend one of the girls that used to work here in the summer, whom I have remained friends with, came to visit me. We went out for dinner and had a girls night in, it was so nice to catch up. She is one of the nicest girls I have met. She also brought her dog with her, “Bella”.  Oslo was thrilled to have a playmate and she wore him out, he has been sleeping all afternoon. I went and had a massage on Friday and the women was brutal, good but brutal. I had to tell myself to breath the entire time but now my shoulders are almost knot free and I feel much better.