This following week has been really relaxed. Anky has gone on vacation so all of us have slowed down training a bit and taking the horses out in the woods for a mental break. It was great fun riding in the woods and we also rode through the farmers corn fields. As we were walking through we were grabbing stocks of corn for the horses as a treat for when they got back… they were very pleased.

I just can’t believe it is almost Aeptember already, time has just flown by. I have already been at Anky’s for 8 months but it feels like I arrived just yesterday. When I reflect back over the last few months I have learned so much and gained so many skill as a rider and now I have a more complete understanding of the “horse world”. Being here at Anky’s you really are at the center of everything and can watch all the training of most Olympic riders so your eye becomes so tuned to what to look for.

My next show is mid-September and I’m planning to ride the inter 1 again. In the mean time, leading up to that, I will keep training the small things… all the little details that need to be cleaned up.

Also this past week it has been a bit of a celebration since two of the girls just came back from their National Championships for Sweden and Switzerland. Anne Rita winning the Swiss championships and Johanna winning the Silver medal. We went out for a big dinner – all you can eat sushi. I don’t think the sushi restaurants chefs want us back! We ordered so much food we all walked out almost waddling but it was very tasty. Then this weekend we went out in Amsterdam. Which was amazing the city is so alive.

Now its back to work on Tuesday.