The last week went by really fast. The Christmas party was a lot of fun, the food was fantastic but not as amazing as the performance. I was so impressed by the singing. They sang mostly Swedish Christmas songs which I didn’t understand but it was ok. It was nice to be out with everyone, laughing and having a good time. Our Lucia show was very comical (see picture), I got to be Santa and Melanie was Rudolph. We used a Coke lid for her red nose and taped it on and straw for her antlers. Melanie had to pull me on the office chair out of the bathroom while everyone else sang Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer then I had to go up the stairs and around the table. Usually Lucia is a very serious thing but at Tullstorp they make it more comical – they made Filip be Lucia when usually it’s usually played by a girl.

Training went well, I am so pleased with how my horse is going. He comes out better and better everyday. I have really been working on a system so that everything becomes natural and effortless. One of our main struggles has been going in and out of the pirouettes. He didn’t used to have enough strength but now he is much stronger and they’re becoming easier and easier. I have also been working on doing lots of forward and back transitions. I find these transitions very key, it is a way to always have renewable energy and keeps things fresh. You don’t want to ride around at the same tempo all the time. Sometimes it’s just a few quick steps reminding the hind legs or actually really going forward and stretching everything out and bringing it back to together. I am most pleased with Vitalls extended trot. Before we could always get a 6 in the ring for sure. It wasn’t his strongest point, though, because, again, he was not strong enough to really push off his hind legs and come up in the shoulders. Yesterday was one of the first times he really sat down and came right up and out of the shoulder and carried the rhythm for the entire diagonal. It was such a great feeling.

It’s been snowing non-stop all week. We have snow past my ankles and it’s about -10, way too cold! Thank God the indoor is heated or I would die. Oslo loves the snow and has been running around like a little snow bunny.

I’m just finishing up packing today and heading home until Jan 5th.  I am going to miss my kids but Jan and Nina the barn manager will ride my horse for me and Oslo is staying at the dog sitters. I think he will get spoiled. I’m hoping I don’t cry when I drop him off. I have never left Oslo for this long before, he is like my little baby but we will both survive ;). 

I wanted to make a side note and just say congrats to Amy Jager riding at the Young Rider world Cup, I wish her a safe trip home.