My muscles are so sore! I think my body has gone into shock after having vacation for 6 weeks. I have been back riding every day and to the gym as of Monday. I also spend about 10 minutes stretching this morning. It’s amazing how much strength you loose in just a small amount of time but it’s coming back fairly quickly.

I’ve had two lessons now riding the full hour and a bit myself – pain free so I was thrilled! Vitall has been going really well. I feel a big difference in his reaction to the leg and half halts. The canter work has become 100x easier. We still struggle a bit at the trot because he doesn’t quite have enough strenghth yet. He still looses his balance a bit because he has to carry himself on his own legs now with no help from me. The main thing in the trot is teaching him that when I give in the hand that he can’t keep running through my aids on his own agenda, he has to waits for me to say to “go” or “slow” down. We have been mainting it longer and longer everyday. It’s just one of those things that takes a bit of time but when it’s right, his trot feels fantastic: quick and active and not slow or behind me. Big difference in feeling.

I went to Physio over the weekend which went well. My range of motion is good. I just have to gain strength and keep working on the tendons so I don’t feel pain anymore. I go back again tomorrow.

It’s been nice and warm here now for a few days. I think spring is officially in the air.