It was a long weekend, I worked two 12 hour days. It was exhausting. I was up at 5:30 on Saturday to clean stalls, ride, feed, do paddock changes, etc. Then on Sunday I had 5 paddock changes to do and hand walk 3 horses, two of them twice, each for 30 minutes. By the time 6pm Sunday night rolled around, I fell into bed. Normally it isn’t so much work but I had to share the weekend with an intern and they are not allowed to handle the horses for safety reasons because not all of them are “horse smart”. 

Jan is back from Italy. We didn’t train today as he had customers here from the U.S., and, it turned out, I knew the guy that came. He looked really familiar and he kinda thought he knew me too so we just smiled at first. Later, as I took a horse from him to shower, he said “Hey, did you have a mare named Elektra?”  It turned out I knew him from competing in California. He was a former young rider as well. So we got chatting and Jan looked kinda stunned. At that moment I realized what a small world it is. 

This week we have all the pony, Jr and Young Rider kids here because Jan is the Future Elite coach for Sweden. I’m looking forward to watching a few of the riders.

I have managed to stick to my fitness routine for a week now and I am feeling much better, like more normal self again and not so tired all the time. Oslo is happier too.