Sara arrived safe and sound and it’s been non-stop adventuring since!

Last Friday I did a practice test in Uden which is 10 min away from Anky’s. It was like a mock show where you had to be all dressed and braided and it was really helpful. When you rode your test the judge would give you feedback on video. You didn’t get a test paper. Sara went in the judges box she got to hear everything. As a rider I found this method really useful to listen to the comments as you watch yourself ride.  The test went well, everything is on track just a few little things. Vitall got a little to high in the frame and a bit to slow at times but overall it was a good. It showed both Anky and me the holes to work on for the next show. I plan to do a national show beginning of May in Weert.

Sara and I have been having lots of fun. We went to Sweden for 3 days to visit her horse who is standing stud at Flyinge. Her new boy’s name is Connaisseur  he is only 3 so this trip was the first time she sat on him. Very, very exciting and he has an absolutely beautiful canter to die for. We also went to Hassleholm to visit Melanie for dinner and I went back to my favorite restaurant. It was really nice to catch up with her and exchanging stories.

The drive to Sweden was long. It took us hours to get there and we ate terrible food on the ferry and both felt really sick. On the way back it was smooth sailing until we hit a big, big accident in Germany outside of Hamburg which set us back about an hour. Our overall drive home was 10 exhausting hours. We sang a long to music at the top of our lungs and danced to make the time go by. Poor Oslo was locked in his cage but he chewed on his toys and slept most of the time. His highlight was getting out at each gas station for a pee.

Sara and I took lots of photos but on her camera which doesn’t work with my USB cord so I will upload photos of the trip on another post.

This weekend we are going to go for an adventure in Amsterdam and explore around there for the night. Will be sure to get pictures of Amsterdam and I will use my own camera this time.