The past little bit I have been up to a lot of fun things as well as training.

Last weekend I went to a Chic/Shine event, which is for ladies. It had everything from interior design and health/wellness to fashion. It was all boutique fashion from special designers. It was in this old cottage/ country house with beautiful gardens. It was a nice day away from the horses to do “girly things.” 

Speaking of gardens, I have learned that gardening is not my expertise. Since living in my new house maintaining the garden has been a bit of a struggle. My plants have been dying so I had to give them a bit of TLC and now they’re springing back to life. I don’t think the weather has been much help either it has been very hot with little rain.

Vitall has been going super. I am really happy with him and our progress. We have a practice show coming up next Friday May 27th in Uden. I am planning to just ride through the Inter 1, since I haven’t been in the show ring for a while now. So, I just want to get my feet wet again, then at the following practice show I will ride the Under 25 Grand Prix.

Our 1 tempis are almost 100%. We are on a roll with them finally. Vitall and I have learned to skip together. It is amazing the amount of teamwork between you and your horse that Grand Prix takes. You really have to work together in order to make everything flow. Teamwork is required, of course, at all levels, but I notice a different type of teamwork between us now that we have moved up. You feel a closer bond between horse and rider.

Also, next week my friend Sara and her father are coming to visit and to see their stallion, who is standing stud here in Holland. I’m really looking forward to having them come stay for a few days.

Then Vitall and I have a big trip planned to go back to Toronto because my Carnet has expired, so we have to fly back to fix all our paper work and then come back to Anky’s once everything is in order again. Rules are rules, we have to go! Long trip for paper work. Silly me, I didn’t plan to stay this long in Europe, but I love it so much that we have over stayed. So the entire month of June will be travelling then July and August we can start competing.